Q: Is it difficult to use the pen?
A: No. Use the pen just as you would a normal ball point ink pen. Only normal pressure is required. It is quite easy to use and guests will find that they are able to sign in the same quality as they would normally with a ink pen. Our pens are not mechanical and have a specially designed tip that inscribes into the metal when writing. There is no sound made from the pen when engraving. The pen will last through the signing and does not easily wear out. (Platters are made of a harder metal and more pressure is needed to sign them than on the frames.)

Q: How visible are the signatures? 
The signatures are designed to be very visible, yet subtle so as not to distract from the photo or engraving.  When we invented this product we found that the dark signatures on the paper mat boards(signed with a ink pen) looked very busy and distracted the viewers eyes from the photo in the middle.  In addition, paper mat board signed with ink would fade over time.  So we developed a metal mat board that was signed with our Signature Engraving scribe directly into the metal surface.  This created a permanent and very elegant alternative to the paper mat board.  The result has been amazing to see the response from brides around the world.  Read some of our customer comments and why 90% of our business comes from word of mouth.  

Q: How many signatures can I get on the platter?
A: Depending upon the size of the platter, our larger platters can hold over 150+ signatures.  Please keep in mind that typically only one person from each couple that attends your event will sign your "guest book".

Q: Will the signatures rub off?
No, once signed the signatures of your guests are permanent and will never fade.

Q: Can the back of the platter be used for signing or engraving?
A: No, the back of the platter is not polished like the front and is not intended for signing. 

Q: Can you suggest what we should engrave?
There are many suggestions we have listed on our "engraving" page.  The most popular choice for weddings are the names of the bride and groom with the wedding date centered below.  The bride's name traditionally goes first.

Q: Can I have my name engraved on the tray?
Yes.  We offer name and wedding date engraving to make this keepsake even more special.  We have many fonts to choose from and can engrave most true-type fonts that you provide.  Please visit the "engraving" section of our web site for more information.

Q: Will engraving slow my order or prevent it from being rushed?
No.  Our in-house professional engravers will engrave your order at the same time it is being prepared to ship.  Engraving never slows your order from being processed or rush shipped.

Q: Will the engraving be lost among the guest signatures?
No. Our engraving machine will produce a slightly wider and deeper engraving that will stand out quite well among the guest signatures. 

Q: How do I care for the platter? 
A: We include with every guest book platter a Micro fiber polishing cloth.  The trays are pewter and will not tarnish. Pewter does not require the maintenance of traditional silver trays. 

Q: Does Pewter contain lead?
No. Modern day pewter does not contain lead.  These properties allow pewter to produce the brilliant shine of fine silver without the cost and care associated with silver pieces. 

Q: What is included with my order?
Each engravable guest book order receives our Signature Engraving Scribe, a large Micro fiber polishing cloth, a 5 x7 guest instruction card for the guest book table (pen use instructions).

Q: How long will it take to receive my order? 
Orders typically ship within a week, but during busy seasons may take up to 2 weeks. Please allow ample processing time.

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?
We ship to a limited number of countries, but our some of our partner companies ship worldwide.

Q: Do you have instructions for using the frame and adding a photograph?
Yes, please visit our videos page for the latest instructions on using our product