Signature Platter Guest Books

Choose the perfect engraved tray or platter for your special occasion from our collection of customized pewter plates. Our Signature Platters and Trays are made from highly polished, recycled pewter alloy and can easily be signed by your guests at any special event using our Signature Engraving Scribe.

Our Guest Book Trays and Engraved Platters are designed to be signed by your guests with our easy-to-use Signature Engraving Scribe™. This permanently etches your guests' signatures onto a sturdy, high-quality alloy surface. It's better than a paper guest book because it lasts forever!

Each of our platters is made by the traditional craft of foundry sand molding. It's a detailed process, where sand molds are filled with molten metal, cooled and hand-finished one at a time. Minor differences add to the unique characteristics of each piece.

Each pewter platter made with recycled pewter-aluminum-based alloy, making it ideal for cooking and entertaining. The finish of each piece is polished similar to silver yet does not require polishing and will not tarnish. Our products are also very durable and will not crack, chip or dent under normal usage. Each product is a solid piece of metal with no coating applied.