Signing Your Mat or Platter

Engraving Scribe Operating Instructions
Our Signature Engraving Scribe has been specially designed for use with our Signature Platters and Signature Frames and Mats. The diamond tip will permanently engrave the signatures and wishes of your friends and family. Use the scribe just as you would with a normal writing instrument, a slightly heavier hand produces a deeper inscription. The scribe is very easy to use, and is not mechanically/battery operated. 

Tips for your event

  1. Have an attendant explain how to use the Signature Engraving Scribe.  Remove the platter after everyone has signed it.
  2. During signing of your mat or platter, have it laying on a flat steady surface.
  3. Use the Guest card in a 5 x 7 frame to display the instructions (included with your order)
  4. Decorate or attach the pen to the platter with a decorative string so that it is not mistaken as a normal pen. 
  5. After your event use the included polishing cloth to remove any finger prints from the platter/mat.

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Signing a signature mat guestbook
Unique Wedding Signature Mat and Frame, Wedding Guest Book and Signature Platter