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ATLANTA, GA (October 2007)—Out with the old and in with the new…gift trends that is! Framed cardboard signature mats that were trendy in the 90s are becoming obsolete because the ink signatures were found to fade after a few years. The new trend is the engravable metal signature mat, available exclusively from Signature Keepsakes ( The Signature Keepsakes Engravable Signature Mat with Signature Engraving Scribe™ is perfect for family reunions, bar mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events, grand openings, birthdays, anniversaries, coach gifts, graduations, teacher gifts and more. The Engravable Signature Mat is a patent pending metal guest book mat that permanently etches signatures onto a sturdy, high quality alloy surface with an engraving scribe (pen). 

Each mat comes framed in a high-quality wooden frame with additional matting and room for a photo inside, plexi and hardware to hang the mat. The best thing is that the Engravable Signature Mat never needs any special upkeep, will never rust and the signatures etched into it will last forever. Also included is a Signature Engraving scribe, a polishing cloth to remove finger smudges after the signing, and a elegant 5 x 7 guest instruction card.  

The company founders, Gary and Julie Shimer, used a cardboard mat at their wedding years ago and now all the signatures have faded. This experience led them to invent the Engravable Signature Mat and found Signature Keepsakes. The old mat and frame still hangs in their office for inspiration today!


When Gary and Julie Shimer planned their nuptials, they invested in an expensive custom cardboard mat that guests signed at the wedding. Afterward, they framed their first picture as a married couple inside the mat filled with signatures of family and friends. When the signatures faded only a few years later, the Shimers decided to create a better way for people to create lasting memories with collected signatures. 

After several prototypes, the Signature Mat™ was born. A Signature Engraving Scribe with a diamond-like tip is used to permanently etch signatures onto a sturdy, high quality metal alloy surface. In 2005, the Shimers launched a home-based business called “I Do” Engravables to market the product and soon added custom engraving and other products such as platters and vases. The company name was changed to Signature Keepsakes in 2006 in an effort to accommodate growing demand from customers and vendors beyond the wedding industry.  

Please contact Jenny Corsey at 770.953.2040 or for more information about Signature Keepsakes products, a press kit, images or product sample. Thank you for your consideration.