When we commit ourselves to teamwork,
there are no limits to what we can accomplish.
If everyone is moving forward together,
then the success takes care of itself.

Destiny is not a matter of chance;
it is a matter of choice.
It is not something to be waited for,
but rather something to be achieved.

Leadership Award
presented to
(Name) (Title)
For outstanding service
and a strong commitment
to excellence.
(Corporate Logo)

Thank you for everything you've done
to help us achieve our sales and profit goals.
You made the difference.

May today's successes be only the beginning
of a lifetime of dreams come true.

Presented to
For dedicated service and commitment to excellence.
We thank you.

Innovation Award
In recognition of the
new best idea
to drive company results.
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Your success and dedication
to our corporation
is worth more than any words.
Congratulations and thank you
for 25 years of service.
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Your hard work and determination
are only exceeded by your enthusiasm.
A time to look back with satisfaction,
A time to look ahead with anticipation,
A time to fill each day with enjoyment
Congratulations on your retirement,
(Number) years of service.
Your friends at
(Corporate Logo)

Retirement is the achievement of one goal
and the opportunity to set new ones.
Best wishes from your friends.

It is spirit, drive and dedication like yours
that has made (Company) what it is today.

A time to stop living at work,
a time to start working at living.

Now that you have scaled the mountain,
enjoy the view.