Wedding Guest Book Trends

Wedding Gift Trends: The Most Unique Wedding Gifts for 2009 Are Personalized Wedding Guest Books

“The bride called me and said the platter was not only unique but her favorite gift!!!” --Patti

The Best Wedding Gift Idea
This year, friends and family members of the bride and groom are turning to a lasting, beautiful, and completely updated twist on the traditional guest book as the wedding gift of choice.

This new trend in wedding guest books is a move away from the traditional cardboard and paper guestbook and towards engravable signature picture frame mats or engravable wedding platters or trays. These wedding gifts provide a unique and stunning medium for guests to permanently engrave their sentiments to the happy couple on their very special day. This wedding gift is one that will be used and remembered long after the wedding day is over.

Instead of the conventional paper guestbook that fades over time, these unique wedding gifts will not only last forever, but will actually be used by the bride and groom for years to come. That’s why engravable guest books have become the new “must have” gift for brides and grooms. Engravable guest books are not just a current trend in wedding gifts, but will likely replace paper guest books in the years to come.

How Does A Platter, Tray or Picture Frame Become A Unique Wedding Guest Book?
Our engravable guest books are designed to be signed by the wedding guests with our easy-to-use Signature Engraving Scribe™ that permanently engraves guests’ signatures and well wishes onto a sturdy, high quality, elegantly polished silver alloy surface. The specially designed engraving scribe writes much like a regular ink pen, but its diamond-like tip permanently etches signatures and messages onto the metal surface. Unlike traditional guest books, these unique wedding guest books will hold the signatures and sentiments of loved ones forever and will actually be put to good use! Click here to visit our How It Works page or here to see a video of these unique wedding gifts.

Professional Engraving
In addition to the signatures and messages that guests will engrave themselves, professional engraving options for the guest book are also available. Some choices for engraving the gifts include the bride and groom’s name, the wedding date, a favorite song or quotation, a cherished image, or some other meaningful words or symbols that are special to the couple. And be sure to visit our Engraved Invitation Platter page, as this too makes a unique wedding gift for any bride and groom.

Unique Wedding Gifts
Both our engravable wedding signature mat & frame as well as our engraved silver trays and platters make wonderful wedding gifts. Any couple that receives one is sure to be surprised and delighted at the thought and originality that went into such a great find. These wedding gifts also make a lovely display in the home. For new couples wishing to display their wedding guest book, the shine of the silver finish complements nearly any room in the home, and each signature stands out softly, yet distinctly from the backdrop. The engraved guestbook becomes a beautiful and meaningful piece of treasured artwork when displayed. And remember, this special wedding gift is not only beautiful and will last forever, but it is also useful. And every time the gift is used, happy memories of the wedding day are revisited and revived. No wonder this is the hottest trend in wedding gifts this year!

So whether the bride and groom themselves are looking for a special guest book, or friends and family are seeking a lasting, beautiful and unique wedding gift, our keepsake engraved guest books will be the best wedding gift you can give.

Engravable Guest Book Choices
To view the full range of options for our unique wedding gifts, including signature frames, mats, platters and trays, please click here for a complete display of all our guest book choices or and other engravable wedding gifts.

If you’re still not sure that an engravable signature guest book or other engravable tray or platter is the absolute best wedding gift you could give (not to mention that they’re all the rage in wedding trends!) then we invite you to read the comments from gift givers and gift recipients alike. Here is a small sample . . . .

This is the third plate I have ordered and they have all been terrific gifts for the happy couples. Thanks for giving me a sure bet gift that no one else thinks about. --Pat F.

Our daughter and son-in-law cherish your Signature Mat used at their wedding reception as well as the invitation platter we gave them for their first wedding anniversary. Now we are ordering this invitation platter as our wedding gift for our daughter's best friend/maid of honor. Thank you!
Margaret D

Thank you for giving me a wonderful keepsake for our wedding that I will actually use and enjoy forever! --Barbara G.

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