About your Engraving...

We adjust the size of the font based on the size of the item engraved. Please note that wide areas of the font will typically be an outline, and thicker fonts will come out as an outline of the font.

Most questions and issues relating to the inscription preview are explained below. If you have any other questions about ordering your engraving, please call us at 800-646-1380.

The engraving preview does not look right on my computer.
If you are having trouble viewing the font preview on your browser, you can try previewing the font on another type of computer or browser, or simply make your decision based on the font samples.

Some of my lines are taking up more than one line.
If you see a single line in your inscription wrap around to a second line, be assured that this will not happen on your actual engraving. After you click Add to Order you will see your inscription within a wider space. Then you can either confirm it, or go back and change it.

Will all lines be in the same size font?
Yes, unless you tell us differently in the Special Instructions field.

Is this the color that the engraving will be?
No, the engraving is actually a shade of white on a silver background.

Will the engraved text be the same size as the font I see on the screen?
No, the preview should not be used to judge size; it is more useful for making sure your message is displayed legibly in the font you select. When we do the actual engraving, we adjust the size of the font based on the size of the item engraved.

I can't read my engraving very well in certain fonts.
If you cannot read your message easily, you may want to pick another font. Not all fonts display all messages well.

There is too much (or too little) space between the lines.
Line spacing may vary between fonts in the preview, but this will be adjusted when your item is engraved.