Inspiration for Engraved Messages...

Your Names and Wedding Date
For brides and grooms who prefer a classic approach, this engraving never goes out of fashion.

Forever... a simple word with an important meaning.

Amor Vincit Omnia
Latin for "love conquers all."

Phrase from a Song
Anything from "All you need is love," to "I got you, babe." What lyrics are meaningful to you?

A Religious Phrase
Choose a portion of a phrase or verse that's significant to your religion.

A Special Phrase
Choose a personal phrase, one that only you and your future spouse understand the meaning of.

Phrase from Your Wedding Vows
Engrave a few short words from your wedding vows. The phrase you choose might signify love, respect, trust, eternity - anything you want to convey to each other.

Poetry and Literature
Words from any special poem or book, sentimental to comical.

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