What size Signature Mat should I buy?

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Customers often ask what size Signature Keepsakes™ frame they should buy and how many signatures the Signature Mat holds. This depends on how many signatures you expect to have on your Signature Mat. The Signature Mat looks best when it has signatures all around it, rather than just a few signatures on a larger frame. Keep in mind, the signatures are permanently etched into the metal, but they are subtle so they do not distract from the photo. Many times, couples and families will sign as one. Some couples like to buy a frame one size larger than necessary to allow room for well-wishes. Other couples want a signature and nothing more. Another option we see is couples buying 2 frames of the same size: they like the look of two frames rather than one larger frame. This is a completely personal preference.

We always recommend having an attendant stand next to the Signature Frame while guests are signing to explain how to use the Signature Engraving Scribe and to communicate the wishes of the couple. We recommend displaying the instruction card included with your order and remove the scribe after everyone has signed the frame.

Here is a summary of the chart:
11"x14" mat with 5"x7" photo opening: 75 signatures
16"x20" mat with 8'x10" photo opening: 175 signatures
20"x24" mat with 11"x14" photo opening: 250 signatures
20"x24" mat with 8'x10" photo opening: 300 signatures

All Signature Mats are made of high quality aluminum alloy metal, high shine and polish, machine made and nearly flawless, with a smooth surface. They will never rust or tarnish and no polishing is required ever. All Signature Frames are 100% Wood.

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