Posted on August 19th, 2013 by Administrator

Welcome to the I Do Engravables blog.  I Do Engravables has been selling the Signature Keepsakes Frame, one of the most unique guestbook ideas, since 2005.  Our Engravable Signature Frame guestbook has been sold to countless customers worldwide with ongoing positive reviews.  In addition to our frames, we also offer the Engravable Signature Pewter Platters and Trays.  The pewter platters and trays provide an engravable guestbook alternative for those people who like the keepsake idea, but prefer a more traditional heirloom piece than a guestbook frame.  In the last two years we have added Thumbprint and Leafprint guestbooks to our product line in response to our customer’s feedback.  You can also find a large selection of groomsmen and bridesmaid engraved gift ideas on our website store to help you complete your wedding shopping needs.

As we sell these products, we have had the fortune of attending many Bridal shows worldwide.  Some of the bridal shows include: The National Wedding Show in London, Bridal Extravaganza Show in Houston, Georgia Bridal Show, Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta, Toronto’s Bridal Show, The Charleston Bridal Show, New York Wedding Salon Bridal Show , The Bridal Bazaar in San Diego, and the Bridal Fashion Debut in Arizona.  During our travels, we have met many people in the industry and have been able to spot many trends and unique bridal ideas for all aspects of a wedding.  One of our goals is to share with you these trends and findings in our future blog post.