Welcome Back Guest Book Blog!
Posted on May 24th, 2017 by Administrator

Welcome Back Guest Book Blog

Welcome back to the I Do Engravables Guest Book blog. We have been on a short hiatus and are happy to be back! Visit our blog articles to help your Guest Book and Party Planning. Our Engravable Signature Frame guestbooks continue selling to worldwide with ongoing positive reviews.  In addition to our frames, the Engravable Signature Platters and Trays are immensely popular. The pewter platters and trays provide an engravable guestbook alternative. For those people who like the keepsake idea, but prefer a more traditional heirloom piece than a guestbook frame, platters and trays may be ideal. The Thumbprint and Leafprint guestbooks continue to be steady sellers. You can also find a large selection of groomsmen and bridesmaid engraved gifts on our website to complete your wedding shopping.

Guest Book Frames and Scribe

Guest Book Frames


Where to Find Us

As we sell these products online at www.idoengravables.com, we display at Bridal shows worldwide. This year we will be attending the Bridal Extravaganza Show in Houston, the Georgia Bridal Show, and the Bridal Fashion Debut in Arizona.  During our travels, we meet many people in the industry and have been able to spot many trends and unique bridal ideas for all aspects of a wedding.  We will share these trends and findings with you in our future blog post.


Not Just for Weddings

Remember, Guest Books are not just for weddings. They are also immensely popular for Corporation Gifts and Milestones, Educator Gifts, Birthdays, and Anniversaries to name a few.

Metro Guest Book Platter

Engraved Guest Book Platter