Hearts for Your Sweet Sixteen
Posted on September 19th, 2014 by Administrator

Wedding Tips: Guest Book Platter for Destination Wedding

Ideas for the Big Event.

Signing a friend’s book is an age-old tradition for remembering a special celebration – just like you cherish the signatures in your school yearbook each year.  A signature heart platter is a wonderful way to enjoy the well-wishes of family and friends.  The signatures are permanently inscribed in the metal mat.  They will never fade or rub off as they surround your picture from the event.

Your platter can be personalized with your name and the date of your Sweet Sixteen, and will include the engraving scribe.  Then just have your guests sign the metal mat.  After your event, you can hang the beautiful piece on your wall.

Engraved Gifts

Browse our selection of engraved gifts for party favors or gifts for your friends’ events.  Keychain, jewelry box, heart platter and compact are the most popular Sweet Sixteen gifts.

compact jewelry box