Posted on March 30th, 2014 by Administrator

What it is

For most young American girls, a 15th birthday means a acquiring a learners permit for driving.  For most young Latin American girls, it also means having a celebration to remember.  A Quinceanera is a traditional Latino coming of age party that is celebrated throughout the Americas.  In the US, it is a way for immigrant families to maintain and transmit culture to their children.

How to Celebrate it

Traditions vary based on the specific country and province the Latino heritage comes from, but all share commonalities.  Similar to weddings, the parties are fully catered events with invitations, photographers, videographers, guestbooks, music, dancing, friends and of course lots of family with the center of attention being the 15 year old girl, who wears a special dress and dances with her father.  Quinceaneras do not typically cost as much as weddings but run a very close second.  With the growing Latino population in the US, it is likely that a greater number of people will end up attending and enjoying one of these events in the future.

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