Personalization Effect of Royal Wedding
Posted on August 2nd, 2018 by Administrator

With so many royal wedding on the horizon (notably Prince Harry and Meghan Markle), the personalization effect is impacting wedding planning around the world. Princess Eugenie announced her wedding with be in the same location a Prince Harry and Meghan, however, she is adding personalization to make it her own as well. Check out these top trends impacting wedding styles on a whole new level. These are just a few of the many thingsĀ couples will be requesting this year and beyond.


The desire to customize wedding day details is certainly not a new notion, but the bar has been raised. As a result, vendors are offering a personal touch from the beginning, not waiting for the bride and groom to request it. Personalization can range from engraving your names on glasses and guest books, to handpicking flowers for the bouquet.

Go local

Couples are finding new ways to bring regional flavor to their party from the flowers to the menu. Couples are incorporating as many local elements as possible even if their wedding is across the globe.

Black and whiteĀ 

Black and white photography is setting the trend. More and more couples are requesting black and white photos from their photographers and they are certainly something to look at. Your wedding photo will look stunning in these metal, engravable mats framed with black, white or titanium frames.


Signature Mat Personalization

Signing a Signature Mat

Rules were made to be broken

It is OK to break the rules of a traditional wedding. Go ahead and walk yourself down the aisle (as did Meghan Markle), walk with your mother, or walk with your future father-in-law. Don’t want a large wedding party, or a wedding party at all? No problem. Don’t want a white, strapless wedding gown? Go ahead an wear another color or less trendy neckline.

It’s OK to break tradition and do things your way!